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Force-displacement measurement for almost all application areas

In the field of force displacement measurement, we have been successfully realizing test devices and measuring systems/test systems for over 15 years. In doing so, we realize test devices or test systems according to customer requirements. For a quick start with force-displacement measurement, we also offer an inexpensive and universal compact series.

Our range of services covers the entire field of force displacement measurement, testing, evaluation and logging. We design and produce the complete devices including software, measurement technology and mechanics.

Possible testing tasks are:

  •     Testing of the haptic properties (haptics)
  •     Evaluation of extreme points such as minima and mixima,
        as well as arbitrarily definable points
  •     Press-fit processes (press-fit course, curve, diagram)
  •     Joining processes
  •     Tensile and/or compression tests
  •     Destructive tests, such as tear force, bending force and compressive strength tests
  •     Pull-out test
  •     Bending test
  •     Tilt tests
  •     Step force tests
  •     Investigation of material properties or material fatigue
  •     Material strength tests
  •     Fatigue loading tests
  •     Dynamic tests
  •     Force displacement monitored hand presses
  •     Force displacement monitoring for laboratory or series production
        (force/displacement time diagrams, force/displacement diagrams)
  •     Universal test benches
  •     and much more

We offer solutions for the following keywords: force displacement measurement, force-displacement diagram, force displacement measuring system, force-displacement testing device, force-displacement measuring device, test bench, force displacement monitoring, force displacement measurement, force-displacement diagram, force measurement, displacement measurement, evaluation/reporting, logging and archiving, etc.

Software for Force Displacement Measurement

FDM 3.0 is a universal and powerful program for force-displacement measurement. Flexible configurable for different hardware and mechanics combinations, for a wide range of travels and forces.

Parameterizable measurement such as hysteresis curves over outward and return paths or over a simple path, as well as a wealth of evaluation options, such as checking the minima and maxima, boundary lines and boundary windows and much more.

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Standard Test Systems

We manufacture standard test systems for force displacement measurement for universal use and at sensationally low prices.

The measuring devices are completely ready for use and consist of the mechanics, the measuring technology and the powerful FDM 3.0 software.

They cover a wide range of applications!



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Customized Measuring Systems

Whatever special task you want to solve, we offer the complete development of your special machine for production or test engineering by our engineering know-how.

We cover all areas from conception, construction, plant engineering and measurement technology to control software.

If desired, we can also take over the entire project management of your development projects.


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Force-Displacement Measurement Service and Self-Construction

You need service around the force-displacement measurement for partial projects, modifications, adaptations, extensions, integration into existing production processes, we also offer all our services explicitly as a service.

You build your own test systems and want to integrate a force-displacement measurement? No problem! With our do-it-yourself package, which we design specifically for you and coordinate the interfaces to your system, you have a force-displacement measurement component that can be used quickly. For your force-displacement measurement in self-construction.


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