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A Reference for a Costumized Force-Displacement Measurement System

Special Features:

Cost-effective design of a force-displacement measurement system.

  • Simple mechanical construction on a base plate
  • Measurement of the force-displacement characteristic curve for later evaluation in the test application
  • Safety shutdown by limit switches, as well as force monitoring
  • Displacement measurement via a Heidenhain standard displacement sensor
  • Force measurement via Burster standard force sensor
  • Forces and displacements, as well as resolution and accuracies are adapted to the specific project.

Fields of application:

The IBW force-displacement measurement can be used whenever a cost-effective force-displacement measurement is to be realized.


The evaluation of the recorded force-displacement curve is carried out project-specifically in the application, which can check any quality characteristics. This makes it easy to integrate the force-displacement measurement into a higher-level process.

Basic equipment:

  • Motor with drive spindle
  • Burster force sensor with measuring amplifier
  • Heidenhain displacement sensor
  • Limit switch for end position detection
  • Mounting plate for drive and sensors
  • Measuring hardware for measuring the signals
  • Measuring software for measuring the force-displacement characteristic with displacement signal processing
  • Timeout monitoring of the travel movement

Technical data:

  • Force project-specific approx. 5 to 100N
  • Displacement project-specific approx. 1 to 20mm
  • Resolution depending on measurement technology used
  • Measurement technology Multi-I/O cards from National Instruments with measurement amplifier
  • Overload protection parameterizable by software
  • Interface measured values array of the force-displacement curve
  • Power supply 24V

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